What I’ve been reading in June

In addition to the great training provided through US Sailing and Power Boating classes on the water there are a lot of resources on the web. Some are better than others so a little skepticism is always good. Here are a few articles that I’ve read lately that I thought were interesting and provided a different take on some skills all boaters should continue to develop.

Here is a post about man overboard procedures with a focus on shorthand sailing. I haven’t tried out the ideas yet but it’s on my to do list for the summer.

This two part article that digs a deeper into anchor loads, determining scope, etc. Spoiler alert- more scope is better!! The discussion on wind gust loading is pretty eye opening.
In addition to scheduled classes, we are also available for focused training on a variety of topics. Let us know what you’re interested in, Im looking forward to seeing you on the water!
Captain Tim Vienneau
Cruising Instructor