The Leukemia Cup!

We may still be weathering the storm of a global pandemic, but brighter skies are ahead, as we start the countdown to the 24th Annual Leukemia Cup Regatta in the battle against blood cancers!

Battling Cancer

We sail so that no child has to hear the words “You have cancer”

We sail in honor of family, friends and loved one’s that have faced cancer, the list is far too long. We sail to fund better, safer treatments with less side effects and better  outcomes.

We sail so that no other child has to hear the words “You have cancer”.

We sail for little girls, like Elia, who is currently battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

We sail to provide HOPE to our community and to create a world WITHOUT cancer! You can provide that hope! My team has a goal of raising $5000 to FIGHT BACK against blood cancers and I need your help!

Please consider making a tax-deducible donation to my online fundraising page through the link below and share this link with your network! Together we can rid the world of cancer – for you, for me and for little girls just like Elia!

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