Splicing high performance lines

Over the winter there are fewer pleasant sailing days; although, I’ve been out for about a half dozen beautiful days Of sailing since Christmas (including one day when half the crew was in shorts). As a result I have some time to catch up on projects. We picked up some new Samson Ropes LiteSpeed, which has a Dyneema core and MFP cover, to use for light air spinnaker sheets.

The specification sheet calls for a class II double braid splice; which I completely failed to accomplish. In my defense the cover is very tightly woven and the splice jammed when I was attempting to bury it.

After that disappointment, I decided to switch to a Simple Double Braid Dyneema eye splice, which leaves an uncovered eye.

This splice uses a D-Splicer, which for the size rope I was using, I was able to fabricate out of an old coat hanger; the key was to go over the whole thing with 320 grit sandpaper to keep it from snagging on the Dyneema fibers. This went much more smoothly and both splices ended up looking nice and strong. This is also a relatively quick splice, so it will probably become my go to splice for core dependent lines.

We’re now one step closer to being ready for the Spring racing season.

Captain Tim Vienneau has been messing about with boats since his first sailboat at age 11. He is a regular in the Charleston Sailboat racing scene and takes every opportunity to introduce people to the sport and share his adopted hometown of Charleston!

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