Top 10 Regatta Sponsor Promotional Items

Over the years we’ve participated in a lot of regattas, they’ve nearly all depended on the valuable contributions of the regatta sponsors. As a result, I have a huge interest in making sure that sponsors feel that they are getting value for their investment. Charleston Race Week is just around the corner so I thought this would be timely.

An informal survey came up with the following suggestions…

  • Lip balm (particularly with a clip style cap), always sought after. I keep one hooked on the outside of my sailing bag and a spare inside. I know (and support) the sponsors that provided them and see their name every time I sail.
  • Sunscreen (also with a handy clip). I go through a fair amount of sunscreen in a year, the small promotional tubes are primarily for “emergencies” so they stay with me for several months.
  • Hand sanitizer (you guessed it, with a clip) this is another of those great to have items clipped onto your sailing bag.
  • Small carabiners, for all the stuff without a clip. These are probably the most durable item on the list but after a season or two of hard use any branding is long gone.
  • Key floats; this is a lower priority item, after all you only have so many sets of boat keys.
  • Polarized sunglasses; these are super handy to have since someone always losses their glasses overboard and sailing without sunglasses is rough.
  • Sunglass strap, if they have one of these, they’re less likely to need one of those (sunglasses).
  • Hats and sun visors, when we’re not racing a hat overboard is a great excuse to conduct a MOB drill, during races it’s just time for a new hat.
  • Web belts, another really durable item. If your design is well executed, it will get worn all over the world.
  • Rum, we are sailors (pirates) after all.

If you are a regatta sponsor, or are considering becoming a sponsor I hope this list is helpful; feel free to send me a note or add a comment if you’d like to discuss further. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming regatta!

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